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Why this program?

  1. We used to be an agency and we still have incoming requests to do cold-mailing but we don't do it anymore

  2. Many people want to start cold-mailing but don't necessarily know how to do it and an Emelia customer who does cold-mailing badly doesn't stay long

Who is this program for?

  1. Freelancers or agencies specialized in cold-mailing

  2. Of course you have to use Emelia, have an account with at least ten mailboxes or prove that you manage several accounts

How does it works ?

  1. Fill the form, explain your method, do you ultra personalized or you do more volume? What kind of client you prefer ? SaaS, SMEs .. ?

  2. Receive leads in by email and reply if interested


I am starting my activity as a freelance Growth can I apply?

You must at least have your own website and justify a minimum of campaigns done on Emelia

Do you take a commission?

The important thing for us is that the client is satisfied and that you use Emelia, we will not monitor who signed for what amount etc. We trust you to pay at the end of the mission the amount you deem appropriate.

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