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How to connect a G-Suite / Google workspace account for cold-mailing

Before you can launch your emailing campaign, you need to connect your email. To do this, nothing could be easier since at Emelia we do everything to make your life easier. 

First, connect to the Google account you want to join to Emelia and from which you want to send your emails for your campaign.

Then, go to your Google Admin panel. Click here to access it directly. Once on the Google Admin page, go to the "Security" tab and click on "API Commands". 

Immediately on your right, click on "Manage third-party application access". Now, click on "Configure a new application" and choose "Application Name or OAuth Client ID". Don't panic, even if the word is complicated it's only for us to be able to connect our application to your email so that you can manage your campaigns from our interface. Enter the value "408901237852-cru00judjdstcihuo0os0se7gr0t5sj7.apps.googleusercontent.com"" and click on "Search".

Google will suggest "Emelia", select it, then check "OAuth client ID" and press "Select".

Last step: Check "Approved application: can access all Google services" and press "Configure".

That's it! You are now ready to launch your emailing campaigns. This manipulation will have been the most technical you will have to do on Emelia, that's how easy everything else is :)  You now have everything you need to work in an optimal way. If you have any other questions about the software, don't hesitate to consult the rest of the articles or contact us directly via the little chat on the bottom right of the platform

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