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Reply VS Yesware

Which emailing platform suits you the most? Want to compare Reply and Yesware? Discover those two solutions and an alternative

What is Reply?

Enthusiastic about development since childhood, Oleg Bilozor serves as the Chief Executive Officer and the founding force of Reply, created in 2014. Reply acts as a sales automation solution which helps commercial teams to boost their lead generation. In the center of the software, AI capabilities provide the opportunity for optimization of operations with an emphasis on individualization.

Regarding individuals who wish to grow their commercial email efforts, Reply might swiftly turn costly. Once you exceed 2 email addresses, you'll need to request a personalized proposal.

What is Yesware?

Yesware defines itself a software to help sales teams carry out cold mailing campaigns on a large scale. Yesware was founded in 2010 by Matthew Bellows, Rajat Bhargava, and Cashman Andrus.

It is a prospecting tool that is extremely popular in the United States. Yesware allows the launch of multichannel campaigns (emails, phone calls, LinkedIn…) with integrations with Microsoft, with Google, with Salesforce. Due to all its integrations, the price may seem high for a user who does not need it.

Logo Reply
Logo Yesware
Starting price
Mail +X minutes
Bounce reducer
Agency mode /Team
Mail warmer
Zapier's integration
Make's integration
n8n's integration
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Why choose Emelia?

At first, we were a digital marketing agency having a dedicated Growth Marketing unit. We have assisted more than a hundred companies in their cold mailing strategy. No platform gave us full satisfaction, many of them indeed were too costly and became more so while scaling using numerous email addresses in the sender field. Therefore, we chose to design our own cold emailing system, dubbed Emelia. It's a cost-effective alternative and streamlined to start your campaigns in a snap. Our Emelia platform does not have the slightest superfluous functionalities that add complexity to use without delivering tangible benefits. Our software for cold mailing brings together solely relevant options that facilitate work in an ideal environment in order to easily scale processes. Emelia continuously perfects in response to your ideas. We remain attentive to what you need and strive to include in the shortest time what could be missing for you.

Watch how to set up your first cold-email campaign on Emelia

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You are free to stop your subscription when you want, we know you will come back !

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Connected to the best tools

Emelia is available on Zapier, Make and n8n and on the best CRMs

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