The Best Lemlist Alternative, The Only One You Need: Emelia

How Emelia is different from Lemlist? What is the best platform for your cold-emailing? What is the best alternative to Lemlist? Discover why Emelia is an excellent alternative to Lemlist.

emelia vs lemlist

What is Lemlist ? And Why we created Emelia

Lemlist is a multichannel sales engagement platform that helps businesses optimize their sales engagement, send personalized messages, manage follow ups, and more. The company was established in late 2017 by Guillaume Moubeche and his two associates, and since then, it has been the go-to cold emailing software and sales engagement tool in France, now there are a lot of Lemlist alternatives.

One of the platform’s most hyped-about features is that it allows marketers to add dynamic images to email, helping them become more appealing and unique, and hence ensuring more engagement and replies. Some features that Lemlist highlights are personalization through variables, agency modes, integration, cross-channel features (LinkedIn, emails, cold calls, etc.), and more. Let's present to you now one of the best Lemlist alternatives.

We used to be a lead generation agency, and back in the day we also used to work with Lemlist and we tried also all the best Llemlist alternatives there were in the market, for our cold outreach and emailing campaigns. However, we soon found out that the service became way too expensive when it was time to scale up our outreach. Plus, Lemlist also lacked some features that we believe are essential for cold email outreach, so we decided to create our own Lemlist alternative.

And that is the reason why Emelia was born.

Emelia was created by a digital advertising agency that focused on growth marketing. We understood the needs of the businesses that wanted to scale up their operations and grow quickly. In response, we created Emelia, which had all the necessary functionalities and settings that a sales team needed to optimize their email marketing campaigns.

Reasons Why Emelia Is a Better Alternative to Lemlist

Let’s take a look at all the concrete reasons users prefer Emelia to Lemlist.

Simplicity and Intuitiveness

Every setting you need is ONE page

Gif of Emelia's platform

While we were working with Lemlist, we discovered that we were often bogged down by unnecessary features and complex settings, which made working with the platform a chore and reduced our efficiency. It used to be a straightforward cold email outreach tool, now it is a "multichannel sales engagement platform" close to a CRM software.

Emelia, on the other hand, is highly intuitive and easy to use. It is a great platform for people who want to learn to use a cold emailing platform quickly and want to launch their email outreach campaigns as fast as possible – in fact, in three minutes.

Emelia offers its settings on a single page, so you do not need to spend precious minutes navigating a complex interface. Users can set up and configure everything for their cold outreach in just a couple of minutes without any hassle.

In addition, the platform offers all the features necessary for email marketing, including A/B testing, Spintext, bounce reducer, detailed analytics, email delivery at +X minutes, and so much more.

The platform is responsive and can be accessed easily on small mobile devices. Its user friendly interface comes with buttons for easy navigation and access. In addition, it gives you the option of monitoring your campaign’s status, including bounce easily, open rates, click rate, and more, at any time, anywhere. That's the number one reason why Emelia is a great Lemlist alternative.

Multi-sender Feature

You need that to scale !

Gif on the multi sender functionnality

The second reason why Emelia is an extraordinary Lemlist alternative is its multi-sender feature that enables users and sales teams to create cold email campaigns faster while ensuring a good reputation and positive deliverability.

It allows marketers to connect multiple email addresses on a single campaign to scale their outreach. Since all the emails can be accessed through a single dashboard, marketers can use them simultaneously, to make one campaign with each, or a big campaign using them all. Each mailbox got its own signature and own tracking domain.

If you are a small business, you can add one, two, or three email addresses. However, we understand that large businesses need to scale up their operations. As such, you can connect 25 or 30 mailboxes or even 100! Depending on the size of their sales teams.

First, when we compare to Lemlist or other best Lemlist alternatives, they don’t have this major feature, second, even if they would have it, connect 100 mailboxes to Lemlist, with their prices.. impossible..

Bounce Reducer

No one can withdraw those potential bounces except us!

Gif of the bounce reducer inside Emelia

The bounce reducer is a unique functionality, what we do is that we withdraw email addresses from your list if we know it will bounce because another Emelia user already sent an email to this address and it bounced. 

You save time not sending your cold outreach emails into the void and you preserve the deliverability and the reputation of your mailbox. When you import contacts it will let you filter those emails.

It works as a complement to your email finder software and your email verification verifier software, or any validation system you would have, because what 99% does, is that they “ping” the server to know if the email address exists, but sometimes they can be wrong and the only way to be sure is to really send an email, but they can’t afford to do that of course.

Emelia knows because we really sent an email

Mail +X minutes

Send a second email a few minutes later just to add a little extra information like if you made a mistake ;) 

Gif of the mail+X Minute feature

The Mail + X  Minutes is a unique email delivery feature that is not often offered by cold emailing software. However, this feature is offered by Emelia and we know you will make good use of it!

The feature is extremely useful for your follow up emails, to act like you forget to send a link in a previous email.

Lemlist does not have this feature.

Customer Service

Done in-house !

gif of customer support

Excellent customer support is a priority for Emelia. That is something that really differentiate us from other Lemlist alternatives, Our aim is to continually evolve the platform based on customer feedback, so if there's anything you'd like to see, please don't hesitate to let us know.

The company has a team of dedicated representatives available Monday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm who are eager to answer any questions you may have. 

Since we have extensive experience in both running campaigns and cold email campaigns for our clients, we are familiar with our client’s challenges.


The reality is: if you want to scale up you need to connect multiple mailboxes

Gif of the comparaison of the pricing Lemlist alternative | Emelia

Pricing is a huge factor that sets Emelia apart from every other cold email software tool in the industry.

The platform only charges $20 a month for the first mailbox, the basic plan, then the price is decreasing for each one you add.

Lemlist is much more expensive than Emelia, between 3 to 6 times more expensive depending if your usage. 

As a cold email marketing solution, Emelia has the features marketers need to run a successful email outreach campaign. Lemlist also comes with its shares of good features; however, the high cost of Lemlist impacts your Return On Investment, and makes it prohibitive if you really want to scale with multiple email addresses, or if your are an agency and have to manage multiple clients.

Other key features that make Emelia a great cold email tool:

  • A/B testing

  • Ability to create templates and reuse them across different email sequences

  • Free version with no limits for 7 days.

  • More precise email reporting analytics and email tracking

  • Import directly from google sheets

Watch the demo to see how simple it is to launch a campaign on

While you're here let's cover a few basics to make good cold email outreach campaigns

Tips to improve email deliverability and maintain a good sender reputation

Do you know about SpinText?

Spintext is important when you do mass emails, if you are sending out bulk emails to get more leads quickly, it's a must! Because spam filters are quite adept at identifying repetitive, identical content.

This is where many marketers stumble, finding their emails trapped in the dreaded spam net. Spintext offers a solution to enhance your campaign performance.

It artfully rephrases content, creating diverse iterations of a single message, each with its own unique twist.

Here's an example of a spined email.

SpinText example

Yeah, we know what you might think, that creating all these variables and making sure there is no mistake and that it always makes sense look like a real pain and might be time-consuming. YOU WERE RIGHT! But not anymore, you can now ask ChatGPT to add Spintext to your original email.

Avoid Spam triggering words

Ever heard of them? They're like kryptonite for your email's chances of reaching an inbox if you abuse of them.

Basically, they're terms that raise alarms for email services. Spotting these words in an email? Straight to the spam abyss they go.

What makes a word a 'spam' contender? Typically, they reek of scams, absurd promises, money matters, pushy tactics, and all things sketchy.

For example, if you have “trading”, or “copy trading”, you certainly will end up in stamp. Worst of all? Slap them on your subject line, and you're practically rolling out the red carpet for spam filters.

However, it's not just about the words. Context? It's key. If your content's genuine and your claims are legit, you'll likely be in the clear.

Look here at a few examples

Spam triggering words Examples

But hold up! Words aren’t the sole villains. Let’s dive into other factors that may doom your emails to spam land.

Email tracking

Like every email outreach tool, Emelia has a statistics feature, and yes it is a key feature, This shows who opened your email and clicked your links. It's tempting to use trackers in cold emails to measure engagement. But there's a downside: deliverability.

In the future, we think email tracking might need to be removed from campaigns. When emails reach their target, not using a tracker can actually improve the chances of it staying that way.

Some email systems view tracking suspiciously and might mark you as spam. So, not tracking might mean better delivery, even if we lose some data insights.

We know we know, you want to track, and we understand, so, if you do use a tracker, make sure you have your own tracking domain. Let's see that below

Personalized tracking domain

Emails providers prefer when it is the same domain that sends the email than the one that is tracking.

And you can add in Emelia a personalized domain for each of your mailboxes, you just have to go to the DNS zone of your domain, create a new entry, a CNAME, call it as you want, tracking for example and set the target as

Then you can enter your on Emelia and now it will be your own domain that tracks. Even if on Emelia it says only "recommended", know that is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! It is a must!

tracking domain

Avoid Emailing Many Recipients in the Same Company

Repeated mistake alert 🤦‍♂️: Emailing dozens from the same company just doesn’t cut it. After hitting 5-10 people, the rest often don’t even get the message. And trying this with giants like Thales? Think about their security systems!

Aiming for a big company deal? Go traditional = Cold calling! Pinpoint the right contact and supercharge your personal touch, and just for you to know: making cold calls directly still works too, It works over years for a lot of sales reps in this world, and still does!

Email scheduling: Space Out your follow up:

Automatic follow ups are important in any email sequence, and that's the point of automation tools of course, but rapid-fire emails can come off as pushy, making recipients more likely to flag them as spam. Pace your follow up wisely to avoid overwhelming inboxes.

follow ups settings

Limit Links in Your Emails

Too many links can sabotage your email's deliverability. Opt for a distinct CTA and guide your audience there. Ensure any link is secure (starting with "https://") and steer clear of URL shorteners—they often trigger spam filters.

To boost your email deliverability and uphold your domain's reputation, dodge these pitfalls. When reaching out, prioritize quality over quantity. It's the key to forging meaningful ties with prospects.

Keep Emails Light: Skip Images and Attachments

One thing that can kill the deliverability of our cold outreach campaigns is adding weight to your email, raising spam flags.

Need to share visuals or files? Use a link to a safe online space, such as Drive, instead.

Email Warm up

We don't have our own email warm up feature, but preparing your mailbox for your first cold mailing campaign is a crucial step that should not be overlooked.

Indeed, when you create a new IP address or a new domain name for your cold email campaigns, it is essential to build a positive reputation as a sender. This step, called "warming up," aims to optimize your deliverability rate for your email outreach.

Internet Service Providers do not recognize recently created sending servers, considering them potentially as a source of spam. Therefore, your emails may end up in spam folders, while you are aiming for your recipients' primary inbox.

Therefore, it is necessary to "warm up" your email. You can do this manually: it involves creating a multitude of emails on various providers and exchanging emails between them, always making sure to mark them as important and remove them from the Spam folder. (Good luck to those who want to do it manually 🤣 and respect to those who did it manually in the past.)

Today there are mail warmers to automate this process, you can opt for a tool such as the the warmup directly included in Emelia, which automates the "warm-up" of your email. This type of email warm up tool allows you to create and maintain good deliverability and ensure a good reputation for your email address, in anticipation of your first cold email campaign and subsequent ones.

mailreach platform

You can ask our customer support team to give you a link to have a discount for Mailreach (only for our paying customers of course)

EDIT 2024: Emelia has now is own email warmup directly inside Emelia

Mailreach has a great user friendly interface, and when it comes to email warm-up for email marketing, they know a lot. They have been working in email marketing for years.

Use your own domain or a new one for your email outreach.

Launching a cold mailing campaign? The domain you choose can play a pivotal role in the success of your outreach. Essentially, you have two main roads to tread.

  1. Using Your Established Domain: If your current domain is already "warm" with a sterling reputation, it can lend credibility to your cold emails. Providers are more likely to trust an email from a known, reputable domain, boosting your deliverability rates. But tread carefully! A mismanaged cold email strategy can taint your domain's reputation. If your approach involves ultra-personalized emails sent in smaller batches (around 20-40 per day), utilizing your main email account is a reasonable choice.

  2. Opting for new Domains: For those wanting to shield their main domain, establishing a new one for cold outreach is a viable option. Let's see how to create best alternatives domains, If your primary domain is, spinoffs like,, or even creative twists like make sense. This strategy demarcates regular communications from cold outreach, ensuring no adverse effects on your primary domain's reputation.

And, a gentle reminder (just to cover all bases 😬) – cold mailing from a generic Gmail account? Not the best move. It lacks professionalism and risks spam flags or Google outright blocking your sends. Plus, without a custom domain, certain advanced tracking functionalities will be out of reach.

Do you have a large target audience?

A part of marketing processes is about finding leads, scraping Linkedin, email search, etc... Learn how to scale it.

You can use to scrape Linkedin sales navigator at scale, then for your email search, and email enrichment, you can use the one inside Emelia directly which is quite affordable and they have a built in email verification tool.

For cases when you just have a domain, you can also do some email searches for generic email, for example some restaurants have a website but you will hardly find the email of the owner so is still the best alternative you can use.

Personalized email campaigns are not only about variables.

When you have a large target, you might be tempted to add them all in a big campaign. But remember that the more your email copywriting is generic, the less impact it will have. 

So when you scrape data, you can for example split between small companies and big companies as they certainly don't have the same issues, and you can adapt your message

Or you can split by regions, for example, companies from NY and companies from Chicago, and add in your copywriting that you are the business developer for that area.

The more your message is personalized more impact it will have.

What about multi channel campaigns ?

Emelia is focused on cold email only, and it has been made to scale your cold email outreach. The fact is: LinkedIn outreach is great, but to scale it.... it is more complicated to create 20-30 Linkedin accounts, reach enough contacts on each to be credible, etc...

Also, LinkedIn has limits, for example, you cannot make as many connection requests as you want, you need to wait for approval before sending a message, etc. So coupling email with LinkedIn means scaling down and slowing your outreach.

So our way to create multi channel campaigns, is to take people we didn't find email addresses and put them in a Linkedin outreach tool, There are a lot of Lemlist alternatives that do only Linkedin and do it better, like LinkedHelper, doing only LinkedIn outreach and they do it well!

Linked helper

Get ready running campaigns that rocks !

Are you an agency and you are looking for a custom plan for your sales team? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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