Discover the best alternative to Woodpecker

How Emelia is different from Woodpecker? What is the best platform for your cold-emailing? What is the best alternative to Woodpecker? Discover why Emelia is a excellent alternative to Woodpecker.

You are looking for an alternative to Woodpecker?

Woodpecker was launched in 2015 by Maciek Ciesl and Matt Tarczynski. The co-founders come from the tech marketing field. Unable to find the right software to acquire new clients, they created their own. Just like what we've done with Emelia.

Woodpecker is an all-in-one cold mailing tool that allows you to manage prospecting campaigns and track the statistics of the campaigns. It can integrate with other software like Calendly, Slack, or even Hunter…

Woodpecker includes a sales assistant to track the different activities with the prospect such as Linkedin and phone calls. Lastly, it offers also an agency mode that allows client tracking on a single platform.

If you're looking to change your email prospecting tools, here's why you should try Emelia.

Reason #1

Spend less on your cold emails

Emelia is the cheapest cold-emailing software on the market, five to ten times less expensive depending on your usage. Thanks to Emelia's low cost, you can connect a lot more email addresses and multiply your campaigns to boost your acquisition!

Reason #2: simplicity

A clear architecture that simplifies use

A clear and simple cold-mailing platform, with all your settings on the same page to launch your campaign as quickly as possible.

For those who want to go even further, we have all your favorite features, A/B testing, spintext, as many customizable variables as you want, detailed statistics, emails sent at +X minutes, and more.

Emelia is full of features but without making the UX complicated.

Reason #3: customer support

Bilingual and responsive customer support

A human customer support available and listening to you from Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm and of course, we are highly responsive outside of these hours if a real problem were to occur).

We handle everything in-house and don't outsource anything, so we know your issues well because we've done a lot of cold-mailing for our clients in the past, and we provide more than just bug support.

We're here to help and advise you as well. The quality of our customer support is what our clients talk about the most when they talk about us.

No engagement

You are free to stop your subscription when you want, we know you will come back !

Free trial

Try Emelia for 7 days with no restrictions, just the time to love it !

Connected to the best tools

Emelia is available on Zapier, Make and n8n and on the best CRMs

Discover why Emelia is the best alternative to market leaders

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