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Woodpecker alternative

One very popular email marketing tool is Woodpecker, which is used by marketers for prospecting email campaigns. The platform was established in 2015 by Maciek Ciesl and Matt Tarczynski, who had experience in the tech marketing field and were looking to create a software to acquire a high number of leads. 

Woodpecker was created to manage email campaigns and track campaign statistics. In addition, it can also integrate with third-party software like Slack, Hunter, Calendly, etc. Plus, it offers an agency mode that allows users to track clients on a single platform.

Emelia is a Woodpecker alternative that was established for the very same reason as Woodpecker, i.e. fulfilling the needs of email marketers by offering them an end-to-end cold emailing solution. As such, it is one of the best Woodpecker alternatives in the market.

Let us take a look at how Emelia stands in comparison to Woodpecker.

Ease of Use: Every settings on one page

Emelia has a clear and clean architecture that ensures the user experience remains uncomplicated and simple. Although Woodpecker is a great tool, it comes with a lot of options, many of which are not even required by marketers, and can create a lot of clutter on the user interface. As such, it can result in confusion for users as well as contribute to a larger learning curve.

With Emelia, users get a simplified and intuitive cold emailing platform that has all the settings on the same page so that marketers and sales teams can easily access all the features they need with a single click of a button and launch their email outreach campaign as soon as possible.

For those who want some extra features, Emelia offers functionalities like A/B testing, Spintext, +X minutes, detailed analytics, customizable variables, and so much more. As such, marketers can launch their campaigns in as little as three minutes.

Emelia is one of simplest woodpecker alternative there is.

Gif of Emelia's platform

Multi-Sender Feature

Emelia’s multi-sender feature is one of its best features as it allows email marketers to connect with more than one email address on a single account at an industry-low cost. This allows marketers to view all their email campaigns simultaneously, optimizing their workflow and managing campaigns faster.

The feature allows businesses to add as many as 100 emails in a single account if they want to scale their operations. Although there are other cold emailing tools that do that, if marketers opt for a large number of emails, it can cost them thousands of dollars every month. With Emelia, however, you can connect 100 email addresses in less than a thousand dollars.

Moreover, if an email address is disconnected from your account, Emelia will automatically distribute its tasks to other connected email addresses.

Gif on the multi sender functionnality

Bounce Reducer

Emelia’s bounce reducer function ensures that you have a clean emailing list with active email addresses. Ensuring that all email addresses in your list are active and engaged means lower bounce rates/ damage to your sender reputation and lower your email deliverability.

When you submit your emailing list on Emelia to run a campaign, Emelia will first run it through an email verification check to ensure there are no expired, incorrect, temporary, or spam-associated email addresses on the list. If there are, they will be consigned to a blocklist. The rest of the clean email addresses will be used in your email marketing campaigns. Not any email finder can know as we know if email are valid or not, cause we, we really send emails to them.

Woodpecker does not have an automated bounce reducer function like Emelia so there is a chance you may have a higher bounce rate when using the platform.

Gif of the bounce reducer inside Emelia


Spintext is a wonderful new feature in Emelia that allows marketers to create various textual versions of the email content so that every email is unique and it has the least likelihood of being suspected as spam and so improve your email deliverability This means that even if you are sending the same email to thousands of recipients, each of them will have different wording which prevents duplication and ensures personalization.

This prevents you from tripping spam triggers, triggering algorithms, or running foul of block lists. The feature.

It used to be hard work to add a lot of spintext, now you can use ChatGPT to do it, it's life changer haha

Here's how your email would look like after

Spintext cold mailing

This feature is invaluable but is not available in Woodpecker.


One of the biggest reasons why so many people are now looking to work with Emelia is its highly affordable pricing without sacrificing quality. The starter plan is only $20 per month for the first email address you connect. For 10 connected emails, it will charge only $110 per month and for 100 connected emails, it will charge only $900.

In contrast, Woodpecker is $54 per month which is more than twice as high as Emelia. In addition, the platform only allows you to contact only 1500 recipients per month per email address. For $59, the platform will allow you to contact 6000 recipients. If you want to send an unlimited number of emails per month, though, you will have to pay $58, which costs almost thrice as high as Emelia.

Woodpecker alternative pricing

Customer support done in-house

At Emelia, we prioritize top-notch customer service. This sets us apart from other alternatives to Lemlist. We are committed to evolving our platform according to our customer's feedback, so we welcome any suggestions you might have.

We boast a committed team of experts on hand Monday to Friday, 10 am to 6 pm, ready to address your queries.

Given our vast experience in executing both standard and cold email campaigns for our clientele, we deeply understand the challenges our clients face.

gif of customer support

Highly Responsive Platform

Emelia is an extremely responsive and mobile-friendly marketing platform. Marketers can access their account on small mobile devices easily and enjoy the thumb-friendly buttons and tabs that help them manage their cold emailing campaigns. Not every tool B2B or woodpecker alternatives let you manage your email marketing from your phone, and it can be useful.

Since the platform is mobile-friendly, you can access it anywhere at any time to check the status of your campaigns and make edits.

Detailed Analytics

As a complete cold emailing management platform, Emelia offers detailed, automated email campaigns with tracking features and analytics for all your email campaigns. Marketers can find the statistics of every single one of their emails, including bounces, open rates, click rates, reply rates, and more. The tool also offers automated follow ups.

No matter the number of campaigns you may be running under multiple email addresses, Emelia will help you view their analytics in a single dashboard.

Other key features we obviously have:

  • Email tracking feature

  • Automated follow up

  • Save your own email templates

  • Import prospects with as many custom variables you want to personalized email as much as you want

  • Native integration to other tools like Zapier, Make, n8n

  • CRM integrations to Hubspot, Pipedrive.

  • Import from Google Sheet

Bottom Line

As you can see, Emelia has a number of advantages over Woodpecker, which makes it a great alternative to Woodpecker. It not just has more features and more benefits when it comes to cold emailing solutions, it also offers them at a very affordable price.

Are you looking for a great email outreach tool to run your cold email outreach campaigns? Look no further than Emelia as a Woodpecker alternative.

Reach out to us at https://emelia.io/ and find out how we can help you with your email marketing.

Here's a demo to learn how to use our cold email software

While you're here, you might want some tips to improve your email sequence

First, let's talk about improving your email deliverability to land in the primary inbox of your prospect.

Tips to improve email deliverability

Mail Warmer

Before you can use an email address to run a cold emailing campaign, you will need to warm it first so that your receiver’s ISPs and inboxes become familiar with it and allow it to pass to the inbox.

The process involves sending out a gradually increasing number of emails to inboxes in order to build a good reputation with them.

Emelia does not have its own built-in mail warmer since the platform is more focused on perfecting your cold email campaigns. However, it recognizes that mail warming is essential to the success of your cold emailing campaign and has partnered with Mailreach, which offers comprehensive mail warming services for its clients.

Use a specialized email warm up tool

Some Woodpecker alternatives have email warm up features integrated, however, we suggest using software like Mailreach, They do only that and they do it well, while some cold email platforms do it but do it badly just to say they have it.

mailreach logo

Don't abuse of follow ups

While automatic follow-ups is great and essential to all your email sequences, if you are too aggressive, prospects will certainly be tired of you and will more likely mark you as spam or report your email, and that is the worst thing that can happen to your email deliverability.

New domain vs. your primary domain

Basically, there are two primary paths you can follow.

  • Relying on Your Existing Domain: If you have a domain that's already "warmed up" and enjoys an impeccable reputation, it can add an element of trust to your cold emails. Email service providers are more inclined to trust a message originating from a recognized and respected domain, increasing your chances of having your emails delivered. However, proceed with caution! A poorly executed cold email campaign can tarnish the reputation of your domain. If your strategy includes hyper-personalized emails sent in small quantities (about 20-40 per day), your main email account could be an appropriate choice.

  • Choosing New Domains: For those who want to protect their primary domain and send emails at scale, setting up a new one for your email outreach is the best solution. In our cold email software, you can merge all different domains and different mailboxes to do big email sequences simply. Let's explore how to come up with great alternative domains. For instance, if your main domain is emelia.io, derivatives such as emelia.net, emelia.fr, or even innovative variations like getemelia.io could be logical choices. This approach segregates routine communications from cold outreach, guaranteeing your primary domain's reputation remains unaffected.

Also, here's a gentle nudge (to ensure we've covered all aspects 😬) – sending cold emails from a common classic Gmail inbox? It's not the ideal strategy. It lacks a professional touch and runs the risk of triggering spam alerts or even being blocked by Google. Moreover, without a custom domain, you won't have access to some advanced tracking features.

Customized Tracking Domain

Email service providers tend to favor consistent domain use for both sending and tracking emails.

With Emelia, you can incorporate a customized tracking domain for each of your mailboxes. All you need to do is navigate to the DNS zone of your domain, create a fresh entry—a CNAME, name it as per your preference, such as 'tracking', and assign the target as emelia.link.

Then, you can add your tracking.yourdomain.com in Emelia, and voila—your domain will now handle tracking. Even though Emelia labels this as merely "recommended", please note that it is HIGHLY ADVISED! It's a crucial step to improve the deliverability of your email outreach!

Tracking domain

A tip that is rarely listened to: if you don't track emails, you will improve your deliverability too, but we know people want to see the results. Our guess is that in the future we will have to withdraw the tracking anyway.

Track emails without tracking? Just add a UTM in your links, then you will be able to see it in your Google Analytics, even if you don't see it on Emelia anymore.

Avoid Overloading the Same Company with Emails

We saw it too much 🤦‍♂️: Sending emails to multiple team members within the same organization is a strategy that rarely works. After targeting 5-10 individuals, most of the others don't even receive your email, you will see nothing in the email tracking, you will just be banned from this company's server. It can work maybe on some small businesses, but on big companies, it will never work. So go traditional and find the right person to write a great personalized email just for him.

Maintain Email Simplicity: Avoid Images and Attachments

An element that can severely hamper the deliverability of your email outreach is the inclusion of heavy elements in your email, which can trigger spam alerts.

Have visuals or documents to share? Opt for a link leading to a secure online platform, like Google Drive, as an alternative.

And if you really have to do so, don't do it in your first email but in a follow up.

Tips to improve your cold email outreach in general

Personalized cold emails are not only about variables

To increase the reply rate of your email sequences, it needs to be personalized, Most people just think about variables, but it starts way before, if you scrape data from a LinkedIn sales navigator for example, you can separate people from different sizes of companies, or from different regions, and add them on separate email sequence, because small businesses need to be addressed differently than big ones, or in your email you can specify where they live and say you are business developer for this area.

One CTA per email

A common mistake when people start email outreach is that don't know what will convert best, so in the same email they try to make people go to their website, but they also ask a question to have a reply and they put in their signature a link to their calendar.. You have to choose! Or you want to schedule meetings, or you want people to sign up. One email must have only one goal and you need to push in that direction, if you want to try a different CTA, do it in a follow up.

Looking for more tips about cold email? Go see our Hub

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