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How Emelia is different from Instantly? What is the best platform for your cold-emailing? Discover why Emelia is a best alternative to Instantly.

You are looking for an alternative to Instantly?

Instantly is a groundbreaking company based in Wyoming (USA) that was established in 2020. Having recognized the importance of connecting multiple mailboxes to expand its reach and accelerate the growth of its processes, Instantly provides solutions tailored for this need. Their pricing is attractive, especially by offering the ability to connect an unlimited number of mailboxes starting from their basic plan at $37.

However, they impose restrictions regarding the number of contacts and the number of emails that can be sent each month. Thus, 1,000 leads and 5,000 emails per month represent what one can achieve with one or two mailboxes in real-life conditions. Despite these limitations, Instantly meets the needs of businesses seeking to optimize their management of electronic mailboxes by offering flexible and economical solutions.

In summary, Instantly is a promising company that, although still young, has successfully identified a significant need for businesses in the area of electronic mailbox management.

Reason #1: Clear pricing

A pricing per mailbox connected without limits in the number of contacts or mail per month.

Instantly has also understood that it is important to be able to connect several mailboxes to multiply its reach and scale its processes.

Their prices seem enticing because they allow to connect an unlimited number of mailboxes from their first price at 37$, however they limit the number of contacts and the number of emails per month, because 1000 leads and 5000 emails per month is what you can do with one or two mailboxes in real life, so for 19 or 27€ with Emelia. It is useless to connect 40 mailboxes if it is to send 2 emails per day with each one.

We find it clearer and more coherent and above all we can upload an unlimited number of contacts to be able to contact them with time.

Reason #2: simplicity

Launching a campaign has never been easier.

Emelia is the perfect platform for those who want to quickly and easily start cold emailing.

You'll find all your settings on one page to launch your campaign in no time.

And, for those who want to take it to the next level, we also have all your favorite features, such as A/B testing, spintext, as many custom variables as you want, detailed statistics, emails + X minutes, and more.

Emelia is full of small features that allow you to be creative in your cold email campaigns without complicating the user experience.

Reason #3: customer support

Customer support done in-house

Our customer support team is available and ready to help you from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 6pm.

We strive to respond to any issues outside of these hours, as we understand that problems can arise at any time.

We do not outsource our support and understand your challenges, having done a lot of cold-emailing for our clients in the past.

Our customer service is our greatest asset. Our clients trust us and always come back because they know they will be well taken care of.

No engagement

You are free to stop your subscription when you want, we know you will come back !

Free trial

Try Emelia for 7 days with no restrictions, just the time to love it !

Connected to the best tools

Emelia is available on Zapier, Make and n8n and on the best CRMs

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