How to find lawyer email addresses

The first rule of finding email addresses is don't buy a database! . Most database providers for B2B email marketing find their data on LinkedIn and then they aggregate it to sell you mailing lists . They do their best to keep it up-to-date, but it is impossible because there are almost 1 billion people on it and people change jobs frequently these days , so anytime you buy a database you will always have some wrong email addresses in your contact list, which may result in a bounce, and so, degrading your deliverability. So, the best advice is to go to the source .

Linkedin Sales navigator Logo

You need to get a LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription to access the real search engine of LinkedIn . It is worth the cost because even with the scrapper tool and the email enrichment software you will need afterwards, this will cost you way less than buying from a data provider (of course, this depends on the scrapping tool and email services you choose, but we will elaborate on that later).

  1. Go on Sales Navigator

  2. Don't search by keywords on the main search bar, click enter on it, to go to the complete search page .

  3. Type lawyer in the current job title field.

LinkedIn sales navigator screenshot to find lawyer email addresses

Then you will see at the top right of the screen how many results you got. You need to re-filter to narrow down your search to just below 2,5k results, why? For 2 reasons:

  • You will send to those lawyer some cold emails, if you send the same emails to 50k lawyer you will get low results because your copywriting will not be personalized enough. So take advantage of the fact that you can filter by geographic zone , seniority, etc... This way, in your email marketing campaign, you will be able to say things like "An experienced lawyer like you" or "We have a lot of lawyer from Chicago ".

  • The second reason is that when you extract data from LinkedIn SN, you will not be able to get more than 2,500, because they hide the rest, it's a blessing in disguise because you will do better email thanks to that!

Ok, so now you have the list you want to extract, you just have to copy and paste the URL into the Emelia scrapper.

Import URL

First, of course, you will have to get your LinkedIn cookie, which is explained here .

Cookie li_at

Then your scraping is in progress, just wait a few minutes... ⏱️

Ok, great now your scraping is finished and you just have to click on "Get Emails" and our service will now find email addresses.

get email

How to use those lawyer email addresses?

Now that you have all the data you need you can use Emelia to create your cold email campaign .

Watch this video to see how to create your first cold email campaign.

What to do with data from LinkedIn you didn’t get email addresses.

Depending on your target audience, an email finder cannot find ALL email addresses, for several reasons.

If, for example, your prospect doesn’t have a website , we cannot find their email address. But what you can do is create a LinkedIn automation like LinkedHelper for those who don’t have email addresses .

Linked Helper logo

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