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Yesware VS Mixmax

Which emailing platform suits you the most? Want to compare Yesware and Mixmax? Discover those two solutions and an alternative

What is Yesware?

Yesware presents itself as a tool aimed at helping salespeople execute email prospecting campaigns massively. Yesware came into existence in 2010 through the efforts of Matthew Bellows, Rajat Bhargava, as well as Cashman Andrus.

This is a cold mailing software that is particularly well-liked on the American market. Yesware supports launching campaigns across multiple channels (email, calls, the LinkedIn network…) thanks to compatibility Microsoft, Google, Salesforce. Given the numerous integrations, the rate might look considerable for someone without the need for all these integrations.

What is Mixmax?

Mixmax was envisioned under the guidance of its founders Olof Mathé and Brad Vogel as a sales-oriented platform that fosters cooperation between teams.

Mixmax functions strictly with Google's range of products and features diverse functionalities, including scheduling management for increased productivity, through managing prospect engagement initiatives and process automation.

Nevertheless, its email prospecting possibilities are not highly developed. This is a system suited for less experienced users and for an solely Google-based context.

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Why choose Emelia?

Originally, we are a digital agency possessing a specialized Growth Marketing branch. We have helped over 100 companies in their email prospecting. No solution offered us complete satisfaction, many of them were too expensive and became even more so as we scaled with a large number of email addresses as senders. Thus, we made the decision to create our own email prospecting solution, called Emelia. It is an economical solution and user-friendly to set up campaigns in no time. Emelia does not incorporate any unnecessary options that make more difficult usage without supplying real advantages. Our solution for cold mailing contains only practical features that help work under optimal conditions to easily scale processes. Our Emelia platform evolves according to your proposals. We pay attention to your needs and work to incorporate as soon as possible what you might lack.

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