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Tout pour votre cold-mailing, en un seul endroit, au meilleur prix !

Séquence de cold-email, Email Warmup, Email finder, Scraping LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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Our mains features

A clear and intuitive design that allows you to launch your campaigns quickly, a simple handling for beginners and advanced features for experts.

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Create variations of your content to avoid being detected by email servers and ending up in the SPAM folder.

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A/B Testing

Test two different versions of the same sentence and gain a 3% conversion rate!

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Bounce reducer

Emelia detects incorrect email addresses that have already been processed by the tool and automatically removes them from your lists.

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Mail +X minutes

Mail +10min: "👀 hey I forgot to send you the page that goes with my previous email!" The robot is quickly forgotten by the prospect 😎

See replies

At a glance, you know what your prospect has replied to you! Focus on the hot leads🔥.

multi sender


Increase your reach easily with the rotating email-adress

Connect Emelia to your favorite automation software

What our customers say about us

From the SME to the freelance Growth to startups that are scaling, everyone has its reasons to use Emelia for its cold-mailing

As the head of multiple businesses, using Emelia's cold mailing tool allows me to confidently manage my campaigns by combining performance and simplicity.

Xavier Delahaye MyJugaad
Xavier Delahaye

At Findcustomer.io, we aim to democratize growth marketing and make it available to all businesses at a low cost. Emelia is a highly effective cold mailing tool at an unbeatable price.

Julien Gallo FindCustomer
Julien Gallo

The tool is comprehensive, easy to use, and reasonably priced. No frills, just what I need to perform well on my cold mailing campaigns.

Use case Thomas Lucy Growth Manager
Thomas Lucy
Growth Manager
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Create your own customized plan

Take only what you need, adapt your package when you want, and of course: no commitment.

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Need email finder credits?

Pay only for verified emails found, Credit roll-over.

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Use our unique LinkedIn Scraper and by-pass the natural limit of 2,5k search results

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