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Klenty VS Instantly

Which emailing platform suits you the most? Want to compare Klenty and Instantly? Discover those two solutions and an alternative

What is Klenty?

The company Klenty was created in 2015 under the guidance of Deepak Kumarasamy, Praveen Kumar and Vengat Krishnaraj in Palo Alto, in California. Klenty presents itself as a integrated multichannel sales tool. This software incorporates emails, phone calls, Whatsapp, LinkedIn…

The features influence the pricing, as the subscription covers all the features, particularly a CRM. As for users mainly interested in email prospecting, the price turns out to be attractive.

What is Instantly?

Instantly is a groundbreaking company based in Wyoming (USA) that was established in 2020. Having recognized the importance of connecting multiple mailboxes to expand its reach and accelerate the growth of its processes, Instantly provides solutions tailored for this need. Their pricing is attractive, especially by offering the ability to connect an unlimited number of mailboxes starting from their basic plan at $37.

However, they impose restrictions regarding the number of contacts and the number of emails that can be sent each month. Thus, 1,000 leads and 5,000 emails per month represent what one can achieve with one or two mailboxes in real-life conditions. Despite these limitations, Instantly meets the needs of businesses seeking to optimize their management of electronic mailboxes by offering flexible and economical solutions.

In summary, Instantly is a promising company that, although still young, has successfully identified a significant need for businesses in the area of electronic mailbox management.

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Why choose Emelia?

At first, we are a digital agency having a dedicated Growth Marketing unit. We have assisted more than a hundred companies in their email prospecting. No platform gave us complete satisfaction, many of them were too expensive and became even more so while scaling with numerous email addresses as senders. Therefore, we chose to design our own cold emailing system, dubbed Emelia. It is a cost-effective alternative and streamlined to start campaigns in a snap. Emelia does not have any superfluous functionalities that add complexity to usage without delivering tangible benefits. Our software for cold mailing contains only relevant features that facilitate work in an ideal environment to easily scale processes. Emelia continuously perfects in response to your ideas. We remain attentive to your needs and work to include in the shortest time what could be missing for you.

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