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LeadIn : Reviews, pricing and 7 more affordable alternatives

LeadIn, LinkedIn outreach solution

LeadIn has been in the B2B automation space for not too long, but you’ve probably heard of LeadIn if you’re looking for a better LeadIn alternative. Leadin is a multi-channel outreach tool for LinkedIn and email, also offering a support service to manage your campaigns. Leadin lets you manage several accounts simultaneously.

Screenshot LeadIn LinkedIn homepage

And if you’re asking if we have better LeadIn alternatives, the answer is yes ! Here’s why :

  • LeadIn has limited effectiveness

  • issues with LeadIn

  • LeadIn is expensive

LeadIn Reviews

Leadin's dashboard let's you create and manage campaigns. You can import data from LinkedIn, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, CSV, or other sources, then set up your campaigns to contact and collect data. Create sequences including actions such as visiting profiles, sending connection requests or messages. You can define the order of actions and customize messages for each campaign. Good to know, Leadin includes a tool for finding and verifying emails. All emails found are verified, with a discovery rate of between 25% and 40%, depending on the industry. This is less than Emelia which fin between 55% and 70% ultra verified email (less than 1% bounce with Emelia). Leadin offers reporting section, with the option of exporting data to PDF or CSV.

Multi-account management (like others outreach tool like Emelia) lets you manage several campaigns simultaneously, ideal for prospecting agencies or sales teams. What makes leadin special is that it's offer a customizer rate for agencies, so they can set up for you your outreach campaigns.

If you want to do your own outreach campaign, choose a tool like Emelia, easy to use et affordable 👍

LeadIn Pricing

Screenshot LeadIn Pricing
  • Unique price : 97€ per month for one LinkedIn account and cold emailing feature

  • Commercial prospecting from €320 /month

But, for start, let's tell you about

Emelia, the Best LeadIn Alternative

First, let’s see why Emelia is, in our opinion, the best alternative to LeadIn, with advanced features and lower cost.

Test Emelia for free today

Emelia is the tool to optimize your B2B prospecting, gathering all the essential features in one platform, at an unbeatable price (not like LeadIn 😅). Over 1000 companies trust Emelia and its services to manage their prospecting, offering a complete solution to run B2B campaigns and professional, from scraping to cold emails, passing by LinkedIn automation.

Designed to be simple and user-friendly, Emelia’s interface allows you to run a LinkedIn prospecting campaign in less than 3 minutes. And, according to Leadin’s user reviews, customers don’t always find the service very easy to use.

🔍 Emelia Features Tour

LinkedIn Automation

Emelia makes managing your LinkedIn prospecting (compared to LeadIn) very easy, you can set up tasks in 3 minutes ! Emelia’s LinkedIn automation feature makes this process as simple as possible. You can automate all your repetitive and time-consuming tasks and save time and money for lead generation. With Emelia you can automate many actions like visiting profiles, sending connection requests and even liking the last posts of your targets. (nice, right ? 😎)

👨🏻‍✈️ Boost your LinkedIn campaigns

With Emelia, flying a automated campaign on LinkedIn is a child’s play. You can personalize your messages using variables, which is crucial to make each interaction authentic. You can set exactly what you want Emelia to do for you and who you want to contact. And all of this with a dedicated campaign statistics section ! (not like leadin)

Thanks to Emelia’s LinkedIn automation, you can focus on the strategic aspects of your business while the tool takes care of your LinkedIn prospecting and books meetings for you. And all of this at a much lower price than leadin.

Simplify your prospecting process, engage your target audience more and focus on your business with Emelia. Try now, first days are FREE, before you subscribe to leadin’s expensive plan. Our team is here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us directly on the client support.

🕵️‍♀️ Emelia also has other benefits

✅ Unlimited LinkedIn Scraper

Emelia’s LinkedIn Scraper allows you to get all the data you need for your LinkedIn campaigns. Unlike other scrapers, Emelia lets you go beyond the 2500 contacts limit imposed by LinkedIn. You can run one scrape for 10k, 20k or 30k results and get a database of qualified prospects. Whether you’re looking for potential clients, business partners or professional contacts, Emelia’s LinkedIn Scraper gives you all the information (from the profile) to succeed with your cold emailing campaigns with precision.

✅ Email Finder : 1 credit for 1 email found

The scrape doesn’t provide the email addresses of the contacts found on each profile in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Emelia offers an Email Finder that completes your data by finding the professional email addresses of your contacts. Emelia uses advanced algorithms to search and validate email addresses, so you get accurate and quality data.

Unlike many Email Finders on the market that charge 2 credits (1 for the search and 1 for the email found), Emelia charges only for the emails found. If you search for 1000 emails and find only 500, you’ll be charged only 500 credits. That’s fair 🤓.

✅ Best Cold Emailing Tool

  • Warm-Up Included : When you connect an email address to Emelia, the warm-up is included! No need for an extra tool to warm up your email addresses, so your new domains and IP addresses build a good reputation and avoid spams.

  • Multi Sender : Use multiple email addresses to send a high volume of emails while keeping a great deliverability. By connecting multiple email addresses to one account, you’ll save time and increase your chances to get meetings.

  • Spintext : Personalize your emails so your recipients feel special, and they’ll pay more attention to your message and therefore reply more. Use variables to create unique emails even with a 10 000 contacts list, which improves your deliverability.

  • A/B Testing : Compare multiple versions of an email to see which one gets the best open and click rate with Emelia’s free A/B Testing feature.

Emelia Pricing 🤑

🟢 29€ per month per connected LinkedIn account !

Once again, Emelia offering real features that have real added value for its users, at a super soft price !

LeadIn offers the same thing for €97 a month (with cold emailing included, but if you include cold email with Emelia you still don't get the €97... but only €48 a month).

In a few words : Emelia VS LeadIn




Pricing for 10 LinkedIn account



Pricing for 1 LinkedIn account



Customer support

✅ ultra réactif


Without engagement

Easy to use

✅ Hyper simple

Multiple Campagne

ℹ️ Emelia VS LeadIn engagement

Whether you want to connect one or several LinkedIn accounts, Emelia offers the best value for money. To expand your B2B outreach and launch multiple LinkedIn campaigns without being blocked by LinkedIn, you'll need to use multiple LinkedIn accounts. By connecting them to your prospecting solution, choosing one that's too expensive could cost you up to $970 a month to maintain your automated prospecting. What's more, tools like LeadIn (and many others) don't make it easy to cancel your subscription. With Emelia, there's no commitment required. You pay $29 a month and can cancel at any time.

Emelia's benefits over other B2B outreach tools

👁️ PRICING and subscriptions : Emelia offers no-obligation subscriptions, accessible to all. You only pay for what you use, with no hidden fees or unnecessary credit charges.

👐 CUSTOMER SUPPORT, need help configuring your campaign ? Emelia is there for you! A live chat is available on your dashboard. Niels, Charles, Mathieu and Marie are ready to answer your questions and offer you the best solutions to help you progress.

🚀 EFFICIENT, Emelia is designed to maximize your results, both technically and practically. Having used numerous outreach tools, we created Emelia to deliver superior results.

With Emelia, you benefit from a flexible, affordable service backed by a dedicated team, guaranteeing a hassle-free B2B outreach experience.

Expandi is a full automation solution for LinkedIn messages, designed to optimize your prospecting efforts. This tool lets you create smart flows to target your ideal prospects and personalize your messages using GIF and images for maximum impact.


  • Automated Message Sending Simplify your multi-channel prospecting with automated LinkedIn messages

  • Message Personalization Personalize your communications by adding GIF and images to grab your prospects’ attention.

  • Audience Targeting Select exactly who you want to reach for more targeted and effective prospecting.

  • Automated Flows : Create automated message sequences to engage your prospects in a cohesive and efficient way.


  • Business Plan

    • Price : 99$/month

    • Features :

      • 1 LinkedIn account

      • Up to 10 campaigns

  • Agency / Custom Plan

    • Price : On request

    • Features :

      • Dedicated client service

      • Custom templates

      • Client reporting

      • Multiple LinkedIn accounts connected drawbacks

  • very expensive solution while Emelia offers lower prices with the essential features for your LinkedIn prospecting

  • complexity to use for multi-channel prospecting

  • client support not top notch


Best Zopto Alternatives

Zopto is a prospecting automation tool for LinkedIn, designed mainly for companies looking to generate more leads. It promises to optimize prospecting by automating repetitive tasks so professionals can expand their reach, improve their lead generation and save time.

Zopto Feature

LinkedIn Automation with Zopto
  • CRM Integration : Connect Zopto to your favorite CRM tools to manage your leads smoothly.

  • Campaign Management : Create, follow and optimize your prospecting campaigns directly from the platform.

  • Data Scraping : Collect prospect information from LinkedIn to enrich your database.

    • Tracking and Analytics : Measure your campaign performance with detailed reporting tools.

    • Automation : Automate actions like profile visits and connection requests to increase your visibility.

    • Limited Personalization : Although Zopto allows some message personalization, the options are limited compared to other tools, which can hinder full data exploitation on LinkedIn.

Pricing Zopto

Pricing for the LinkedIn Zopto automation tool

Zopto is known for being quite expensive which can be a barrier for many companies especially startups.

  • Basic Plan : 197$/month

  • Advanced Plan : 297$/month

Zopto drawbacks

  • very expensive

  • limited message personalization options

  • not user friendly

  • user reviews are quite negative about the tool’s usability


LinkedIn campaign automation tool. Boost your outreach.

Linked Helper is a powerful automation tool designed to optimize your LinkedIn usage. It automates many repetitive tasks so you can save time and focus on strategic activities. However, one major drawback is that it works locally, so you need to keep your computer on for the tool to work, which is not always practical.

Linked Helper Feature

LinkedIn campaign automation tool
  • Automated Messages : Automate sending messages to your LinkedIn contacts to manage your communications and track conversations.

  • Automated Connection Requests : Linked Helper sends automated connection requests to targeted profiles to constantly grow your professional network.

  • Inmails : Send personalized Inmails in bulk to reach potential prospects outside your network.

  • Integrated CRM : Manage all your contacts in an integrated CRM for ultra-targeted and higher response rates.

  • Sales Funnel : Create automated workflows to convert leads into customers with sequenced message campaigns.

  • Lead Generation : Schedule personalized message sequences and integrate responses into CRM via Zapier. Also export contacts in CSV.

Linked Helper Pricing

Pricing Linked Helper, LinkedIn Outreach Tool

Standard Plan

  • 20 connection requests/day and 20 automated messages/day (to group members or event attendees).

  • 1 month : 15$

  • 3 months : 40$

  • 6 months : 60$

  • 12 months : 99$

Pro Plan

  • No limit on number of invitations or messages sent.

  • 1 month : 45$

  • 3 months : 120$

  • 6 months : 180$

  • 12 months : 297$

La Growth Machine

logo la growth machine

LaGrowthMachine (LGM) is a SaaS solution for growth marketing designed to optimize your prospecting across multiple social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and email. With its user-friendly interface, LGM allows you to track potential leads behavior and engage and convert them.

La GrowthMachine Feature

Outreach solution
  • Automated prospecting : Automate your prospecting sequences across multiple channels including social media and email.

  • Automated monitoring : Stay up to date with the latest information and trends with automated monitoring.

  • Lead management : Follow and manage your leads directly within LGM to nurture the process.

  • Real-time performance analysis : Get instant insights on your campaigns to optimize your strategies on the go.

  • Workflow integration : Connect LGM with your existing tools to manage your marketing processes smoothly

La Growth Machine Pricing

screenshot of pricing of LGM
  • Free : Access to the basic features of the LGM software to discover and test the platform.

  • Basic - 60€/month :

    • Multi-channel automation

    • Data enrichment

    • LinkedIn voice messages

    • Social warming

    • Support for 3 users included

  • Pro - 120€/month :

    • All Basic features

    • LinkedIn and email messaging

    • Lead qualification

    • API

    • Out of office detection

    • Advanced support

La Growth Machine Drawbacks

  • more expensive than Emelia

  • too many pre-made prospecting sequences, you get lost in the head !

  • only for ultra personalized multi-channel prospecting

  • not the best Leadin alternative


Heyreach is a LinkedIn prospecting tool that allows users to send connection requests and messages. It also has a dashboard to manage all accounts and account rotation during search and prospecting. Heyreach simplifies and optimizes your LinkedIn outreach by integrating advanced features to manage your prospecting campaigns.

Heyreach Feature

  • A/B Test : Test different versions of your messages to see which one performs best.

  • Activity dashboard : See and track all your LinkedIn activities in one place.

  • Campaign analysis : Measure your campaign performance with detailed analytics.

  • Campaign management : Manage all your prospecting campaigns from one interface.

  • Campaign scheduling : Schedule your prospecting actions to maximize impact.

  • Campaign segmentation : Target your campaigns by segmenting your prospects for more personalized messages.

Heyreach Pricing

screenshot of heyreach pricing
  • Starter : 79$/month/account

    • Lead export

    • LinkedIn automation

    • API and webhooks

    • Multi send via LinkedIn

  • Agency : 799$/month for 50 users

    • All Starter features

    • Premium support

    • Heyreach doesn't offer a free version to test its features like some tools like Zopto.

Heyreach cons

  • too expensive compared to other software Emelia


Humanlinker, LinkedIn solution for your automated outreach

Humanlinker is designed to remind the importance of human relationships in sales that are often forgotten by automation tools. This platform allows users to build strong, long-term and trust-based relationships with their prospects by putting the human touch at every step of the sales process.

Humanlinker Feature

  • CRM and Engagement Tools : Humanlinker connects to main CRM (Hubspot & Salesforce) and engagement tools (Salesloft & Outreach) so your teams can have a common strategy and organize territories to minimize friction.

  • Hyper-Personalized Approach : The platform ensures deep personalization at every step of the sales cycle by using target account data, personas detection, LinkedIn plugin and buying signals.

Humanlinker Pricing

  • Free - 0 $ : Try Humanlinker for free and generate your first personalized AI messages in under 120 seconds.

    • 10 credits/month

    • Chrome extension

    • AI sales copywriting

    • 360° prospect analysis

    • Email finder (10/month)

  • Starter - 42$/month (monthly payment) : Includes all free features plus :

    • Unlimited credits

    • AI sequence builder (manual send)

    • Email finder (50/month)

  • Pro - 74$/month (monthly payment) : Includes all Starter features plus :

    • Unlimited credits

    • AI sequence builder (auto send)

    • SEP integration

    • Email finder (150/month)

With Humanlinker, add the human touch to your sales strategies to build real and long-term relationships with your prospects.


In summary, if you are looking for a LeadIn alternative, is the tool for you. With its advanced features, ease of use and competitive pricing, is the must-have for your B2B prospecting.

By choosing, you’re choosing a complete and reliable tool designed by B2B prospecting experts for professionals. So why wait? Join the many companies that have already adopted and start boosting your prospecting today.

Try for free and see the difference for yourself ! 🌟

Test yourself

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Emelia tutorials

Use the multi-sender (email rotating) functionality


Scale your process and your reach

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Tips and training

Few things to avoid in your campaigns


Few mistakes can make you land in spam, some will just make you lose time.

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Emelia tutorials

Avoid bounces


What are bounces and how to avoid them with Emelia

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The story behind Emelia


Why did we create Emelia ?

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Emelia tutorials

How to connect a G-Suite / Google workspace account


Connect your Workspace address in 3 minutes

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