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How to use spinText in your cold-mailing campaign

The word Spintext comes from the English expression "spinning text", which roughly means rotating text.  Spintext is a technique used in "content spinning" which consists in writing a text in such a way that it can be read in different ways in order to produce variations of text that say the same thing but are not duplicated. This avoids being spotted by Google & co's artificial intelligence algorithms.

In cold mailing, you can use the Spintext for exactly the same purpose. All you have to do is click on the "spintext" button in our campaign editor to add a spun (this is the name given to the object of the spintext).  The spintext function will allow you, for example, to change the catchphrases, to sometimes say "hello" and sometimes "goodbye". It all depends on your imagination. You can also spinner entire sentences and create even more original content. Keep in mind that the more you spin, the less likely it is that the algorithms will detect that it is an emailing campaign. If a content is different from one email to another, they will think that it is exclusive content and the authority of your email will increase.

Since Emelia spins randomly, your emails will be unique after a certain number of spins. Let's make a simple example: let's suppose that in your mail you want to spin 5 words/phrases only, with 4 variants each time. This means that you will have 5^4 (5 to the 4th power) unique texts. That's 625 different variants.  These 625 unique emails will make it much easier for the algorithms to blend in and remove any suspicion. And don't forget that in our example there are only 5 spintext... It's very easy to do. Just between the opening greeting, the closing greeting, the closing thank you and the catchphrase... you are already at 4 spintext. Your chances of getting a unique email each time are multiplied as many times as you add a spintext.

This feature is very important and we strongly recommend you to use it! Looking forward to more tips from Emelia ;)

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