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Multi-sender (email rotating) functionality in your cold-emailing campaigns

Often used very heavily by our American customers, this feature allows you to increase your reach tenfold.

It is worth remembering that Emelia is a cold-mailing software, and therefore, unlike newsletter or transactional email software, we do not provide servers (SMTP), but we connect directly to your mailbox to send, which allows a better deliverability than the servers of these software but make you limited in terms of the number of mails you can send per day. It is to counteract these limitations that we have created this feature.

The multi-sender feature (or email rotating) will allow you to go faster and stronger in your prospecting while having a good deliverability. Emelia allows you to connect several email addresses on the same account for a low cost, you will be able to use them together very easily, when before, or on some software, you had to make a campaign by email address.

Then there are several scales, there are those who connect two-three mailboxes in a campaign, that's already cool, and the Americans who connect 20-30 or even 100! Here it becomes a logistics of creation and management of mailboxes that can be a bit complicated 😅

How does the multi-sender feature work on Emelia?

When you have connected all your email addresses on your Emelia account, in your campaign, in the "Sending Mail" tab it will be enough to select the box "Select multiple email addresses", then click on the ones you want to use then save. To know more:

  • In your general settings, the number of emails to be defined becomes the number of emails per address and not the total number of emails.

  • Your domain tracking is per email address, if for example I use a mailbox niels@emelia.io and niels@emelia.app, in each one you need its tracking (preferably)

  • Your signature is per email address, it will be changed each time if you go through the signature setting in the settings of the mailbox and you put the signature variable in your email

  • If one of your mailboxes is disconnected, then the tasks are distributed to the others.

N.B: When you use another domain name to prospect, you must think of creating a redirection from this domain to your original domain. Your prospect can take the domain on the email address he receives and put it in his browser, if he falls on nothing it is ... not cool. For example if you put emelia.app in your browser, you will be redirected to emelia.io

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