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How many people to reach by day in cold-mailing

The number of mails you will send per day can play on your deliverability and also on being blocked by your mail host.

Even if the limits you can see in your host's documentation can be high (example: Google Workspace says 2000 mails per day), it is often too much.

Overall, for a single email address we recommend not to exceed 200 emails per day, especially if you use your official mailbox and/or your main domain name. Going higher than 250 will be at your own risk.

If you really want to scale your process properly and send more emails then you will need to create several email addresses, take different but close domains and you can use our multi-sender feature to make a campaign that will send from several email addresses.

In Emelia, you have two different settings in the general settings of your campaign:

  • Maximum number of new people to reach per day

  • Daily sending limit

Let's take an example to make the difference between these two settings clearer:

If you have a listing of 1000 contacts and your sequence consists of 3 emails, each separated by 3 days, if you put 50 in "Maximum number per day" then when you launch your sequence we will send the first day 50 emails to the first 50 contacts, but 3 days later you will send 100 emails, since 50 new step 1 and at the same time 50 step 2 to the people to whom you sent step 1 a few days earlier. In the end, with step 3, there will be times when you will send 150 emails per day.

So the goal is not to start too high so that when all the emails accumulate you don't exceed a certain limit.

If you have 10 steps but only 100 contacts then they won't overlap, that's fine, or one step but 10,000 contacts. But if you have 10 steps and 10,000 contacts then you really need to start at 10 contact days.

So even if you have the "Daily sending limit" setting which allows you to set a maximum limit for safety, it is better to think beforehand and start with a figure that is consistent with your campaign so that you don't have this limit which blocks the programming and which will therefore delay messages and shift the sequence.

I hope this article has been useful to you :)

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