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How to track with its personalized domain with emelia for its cold-mailing prospecting?

"How to track with your personalized domain with emelia for your cold-mailing prospecting?" This question comes up very often on Emelia's support and those who ask it are right to ask it.

Because tracking your cold-mailing campaigns with your own personalized domain will allow a much better deliverability of them.

Of course at Emelia we offer to track them directly for you from our host, and that's fine for the short term! 

But if you start doing big mailing campaigns in very large quantities and on the long term, we strongly advise you to use your own domain. This is something quite important and in our opinion should not be missed.

You should know that to create your own custom sub-domain, it works the same on all hosting providers. The handling remains the same.

Knowing that OVH is a French company, that we are on OVH and that a large part of our customers are also on OVH, this tutorial will teach you how to configure your domain with Emelia via OVH for example

On your web host  First, go to the dashboard Here you will find all your domains. So click on the domain you want to use to track your campaigns. Once on the configuration page of your domain, click on "DNS Zone", then on the right "Add an entry". A tab will appear, and for the scoring field, select "CNAME". Now you will have to fill in the "subdomain" field. You can use any term you want. Logically you would put a term like "tracking", "link", etc.  For our example we choose "tracking": tracking.yourdomain.com In the TTL selector, leave it as default. This will be sufficient. If your host does not offer a default TTL, you will have to enter the value 7200. Then, in the "Target" space, you type "emelia.link", I insist. It is absolutely necessary that you put a dot at the end of the word link, otherwise it may cause an error for the next step. So don't forget the dot at the end of "emelia.link. (emelia dot link dot).

Once this is done, click on "Next". The host will then tell you that "The addition will be immediate in the DNS zone, but please take into account the propagation time (maximum 24h)".

In the Emelia interface 

Once the domain has been created, go to your Emelia interface, select your campaign and go to the "Send mail" tab, then in the box "Indicate your domain name here" at the bottom right, indicate your domain. In our example: tracking.yourdomain.com then click on "Add domain". Emelia will notify you that your domain has been added to your campaign. If you don't receive the notification and Emelia tells you that "your domain is being verified" it could be one of two things: Your domain is being propagated, in this case you just have to wait for your host to finish propagating the DNS. You have incorrectly set up your domain. In this case you will have to check that everything has been set up correctly.

Check the domain settings

Just go to your search bar and look for "dns checker" or go directly to dnschecker.org. You enter your domain, for us tracking.yourdomain.com. Then you select CNAME, then click on "SEARCH".

The site will propose you a list of DNS servers, and if everything is in green, then the first part is good. All that's left is to check that the target is "emelia.link.". As we mentioned earlier, the dot at the end in the target address is crucial, because it can screw up everything if you forget it.

So you need everything to be green + the target to be "emelia.link.". If ever everything is red, it means your domain hasn't propagated yet, so you'll have to wait.  And if ever everything is green, but the target address is different, then it means that you forgot the dot at the end of the target address.


That's it for this cold mailing tutorial, now you know how to track your cold-mailing campaign with your custom domain. If you prefer a video support to better assimilate the process, you will find one where this article is detailed orally to help you.  If you have a developer, go bother him for 2 minutes if you are afraid of making a mistake with your DNS! It will take him no time to configure everything. Good mailing to you on Emelia!

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