The story behind Emelia

We are a french digital agency, Bridgers, which supports young startups and SMEs in their digital needs, from design to development, including growth marketing. Emelia was created by the agency in early 2021 under the impetus of the agency's Growth Marketer because we were accumulating a lot of Growth Marketing clients for whom we were doing a lot of cold-mailing. With time our expenses in cold-mailing software became too important, we were paying hundreds of euro, see a thousand euro each month in Lemlist or other (we will not quote them all because they are competitors now haha). It was no longer possible, it was too much cost for software that "only" send mails. We could have done it only for us internally but we decided to make it a real product, with three objectives:

  1. Lower our overall costs by avoiding paying a fortune in cold-mailing software

  2. Make Emelia a showcase of the agency, of our skills, because everything is done internally, from the logo handmade by our DA, the UX thought and worked in team to make it as simple as possible, to the development (in React and NodeJS) done by our team.

  3. Make it available for other Growth agencies or independent marketers at a low cost so they can also reduce their costs.

At the end of the first quarter of 2021 we released the beta version of Emelia and put it in the hands of some of our clients so that they can take over their prospecting themselves. By the end of Q2 we had a pretty stable version and started to get some of our fellow agencies and growth marketers to use it. We did a little bit of cold-mailing and facebook ads but the rest was done by itself, word of mouth took over, various posts from our users on linkedin and on growth hacking forums have allowed a stable growth (10-20%/month) without any particular action from us.

But it is sure that with its low price, Emelia remains for the moment a small part of the global turnover of the company so we continue to be a digital agency on design and development even if we do much less growth to avoid conflicts of interest and prefer today to send the requests we have to agencies that are users of Emelia.

Emelia will always be there, we continue to make it evolve regularly according to your requests and needs, maybe not as fast as we would like because we are obliged to do our job as an agency to keep the company alive and to allow ourselves to leave Emelia at that price.

The more Emelia grows, the more it gives us the opportunity to focus more and more on it and we hope that by the beginning of 2023 it will be 100% of our business, which will allow us to create all the complementary tools you need and still at an unbeatable price!

Ready to try Emelia?

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