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Avoid bounces in your cold-mail campaign

What is called a "bounce" in the field of mailing and marketing in general is simply a recipient who cannot receive the message that the sender wishes to send.

In a more literal way, "bounce" means "bounce back". It is the automated message in email systems that informs the sender that the previous message was not delivered. So we say that the message has "bounced".

In concrete terms, bounces are a plague for marketers, not only do they lower the rate of mail sent, but above all, they demolish the authority of your email addresses with email systems.

It is obvious that for an algorithm of these mail systems, a person who tries to reach several mails that are not attributed is simply a person who tries to scam as many people as possible without prior verification. Collecting as many emails as possible was a scamming technique to reach as many people as possible, and it turns out that they often send emails to addresses that are lost in the shuffle.

Because of this, the algorithms have taken their precaution and now they discard as much as they can all the email addresses that try to spam non-existent accounts.

To avoid this, at Emelia we have set up an "anti-bounce" solution. Every time someone adds a list in Emelia and our system receives a return message telling us that the email is no longer attributed, we blacklist it and prevent our future clients from sending an email to these addresses in their campaigns.

As most of the time all marketers find their email list in the same place, we avoid bounces for many of our customers and thus protect them from shadow-banning by the hosting companies.

It's a virtuous circle, the more customers we have, the more bounced email lists we have, the more we protect our users.

Smart, isn't it? So don't worry about your next campaigns, we'll help you as much as possible!

Have a great mailing campaign at Emelia ;)

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